Best Note Making Apps That Can Increase Your Productivity.

5 note making apps that can increase your productivity

Taking notes has never been easy. Nevertheless it is highly important. The more notes you take, the less you forget and the more productive you tend to be. Here is a list of note making applications that will act as the best and easiest tools to help you take notes wherever you are and whenever you want.

Google Notebook


Who wouldn’t want a web based app that allows you to create documents from your notes while letting you share it with others? Google Notebook is one such example.

  • A handy tool that works even when you are on the move: It is a handy tool that you can access from your PC, tablet or smartphone and keep taking notes of whatever you feel important or whatever needs to be remembered.

Added Google features: The best part about this app that it comes with added Google features like bookmarks, web search, labels and a rich text editor.


The name is as tempting as its unique features. This app is ideal for those who feel too lazy to write or type down the notes and yet want something that can record what goes on in their minds and in their immediate surroundings.

  • Your ultimate life hack: You can use Fruitnote to make audio journals or set reminders in your own voice. It manages the recorded audios pretty neatly and that saves you the time and energy that is required in typing down or writing things.
  • Online sharing: With Fruitnote, you can save your images and audios on the internet simultaneously.
  • Save your phone bills: The coolest part is that you can use this app for making free phone calls and also to send video messages.


This app is designed to make your life simpler and happier. Luminotes lets you increase your productivity by helping you in categorizing your ideas as per your needs.

  • A personal wiki notebook: This app is popularly known as your personal wikibook due to the reason that it can store as much information as the popular website Wikipedia.
  • Linking and organizing: The app has a very easy to use format that makes it very simple for anyone to link the notes for better reference at a later stage.



If you feel too constrained by time, then Jott is your ultimate buddy. This smart application just requires your input in the form of a message!

  • Jott is the future of note-taking: With all its smart features that include adding calendar appointment and voice mail transcriptions, this is the perfect app that suits all age groups and backgrounds.
  • Make a phone call to create a note: That is the true beauty of Jott. All you have to do is to call a number and leave a note for yourself. It is as easy as that. Like your all time personal secretary right in your PC or in your pocket!


This is a powerful and quite well know app for note-taking. You can use to set reminders of to- do lists, make those lists, cancel the tasks that are completed and much more.

  • Photo sharing: Evernote lets you take photos with your phone and store them as little scraps of memories the way you would do in an actual hard paper notebook of yours.
  • Multi purpose feature: With Evernote, you can do much more than typing text. It allows clipping of information from the web. It can also be used on the desktop as well as mobile devices.



This is one of its kind notes making app that brings in the trend of social networking and blends it with personal note taking.

  • A collaboration tool: Springnote takes note taking to another level. It allows you to take notes on your own as well as to work with others after creating a group notebook.

These smart applications are no less than a blessing. The contribution of technology cannot be overlooked or underestimated. Making the optimum use of these apps when they are still trending is move smart enough for all. The potential of productivity apps often goes unnoticed or is not harnessed as much as it should be. Reasons could be many including a lack of awareness that such apps do exist. It is time to give them a try to make your life a tad simpler.

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