Data Recovery The Indispensable Part Of Data Storage.

Data Recovery: The Indispensable Part Of Data Storage

We all store our important data in our PCs, laptops or tablets. The so called data can be comprised of documents, pictures, movies, music, etc and the list goes on. It is really important for us to have a safe storage of data.  Data is stored in computer systems for long term use. But sometimes things go wrong and we can suffer data loss. Data loss is quite common in the electronic devices like laptops and computers. This is an unavoidable thing but we can take measures to protect it. There are several ways of making the data safe and keeping it away from getting destroyed or corrupted.


SECURITY:  the first step is to secure the computer system. It can be done in various ways.

  • Antivirus: To install an antivirus program to check viruses and malware as these things lead to corruption and loss of data. Running regular scans can help in detecting the viruses and performing necessary action on them.
  • Passwords: In case a computer system gets stolen, you have the risk of losing all your data and your data can go into wrong hands. Locking the system with passwords will not let the intruder in. it is always advisable to lock your systems with passwords in case you want to protect your privacy.
  • Prevent visiting suspicious sites: some websites on the internet are not safe to be visited. The computer system can get affected by viruses and Trojans which can worsen the state of your system. So visiting such websites can be avoided to keep the computer safe.

DISK MAINTENANCE: performing disk maintenance can also prove beneficial in avoiding data loss.

  • Performing disk fragmentation operation can fragment the data properly freeing up used space and will delete the unnecessary files.
  • Data recovery becomes easy when there is free space.

AVOIDING SYSTEM FAILURE: if the system failure is avoided the data can be saved. System failure can be due to many reasons like virus attack, running out of disk space and corruption of hard disk.

  • Virus attack can be handled with the help of antivirus program. A paid version of any good antivirus can prove really helpful in avoiding the corruption of data and losing it.
  • Disk space can be managed by deleting the temporary files, uninstalling the unused programs and performing disk cleanup process regularly.
  • Corruption of hard disk: the hard disk is the storage space to save data. If it gets corrupted it can be recovered so it is always advisable to keep a recovery of data in the system as well.

SAVING DATA IN THE HARD-DISK: another way of saving your data and protecting it from getting corrupted is to save the data in a separate hard disk. 

  • Hard drives are quite common these days as they serve the purpose of secondary storage. These drives have a storage space of more than hard disk of your computer. They can help in storage of a huge amount of data. They are compatible and easy to carry. They can be carried anywhere and data can be transferred anywhere with the help of a mere data cable.
  • GOOGLE DRIVES: these are the trending storage devices in the present day world. These are the online storage devices and offer a tremendous space. The data can be stored with the help of internet. It can help in storing huge amount of data and will never get corrupted.
  • Drop box: another file hosting service which makes storage of large files and can be accessed anytime. It uses the technology of cloud storage.
  • Emails: another way of keeping your data safe and for long time usage the email ids prove very beneficial. The data storage in email ids will never get corrupted, stolen or lost. It is commonly advised to save the documents files in email ids.  Gmail is the most common email service which helps in storage of huge amount of data.

The data loss is an inevitable process and can happen anytime. Having a good knowledge of the technical knowhow can help you very much. Browsing the internet regularly can keep you updated about these topics. It is advisable to keep your system updated and checked from time to time. Having a recovery of your data will surely help in future and following the above points can help you in keeping your data safe ad for long term use.

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