Facebook SSL Connection Error And Google Chrome

Essentially, I don’t think this is an error from fb. However nowadays, I would love to proportion my antique experience approximately a way to skip thru the SSL connection blunders within the Google Chrome browser and fb.Com.

Like each day, I go to fb frequently to test for new statuses as well as messages from buddies. But someday, I went to fb.Com in my Google Chrome browser, it says: Your connection isn’t always non-public, and save you me from accessing fb.

your connection is not private

I’ve attempted a few times but constantly getting the equal blunders message from Google Chrome browser. I absolutely don’t recognize what to do subsequent. I did a few searches on Google.Com and recognize that my date and time of the computer become wrong.

I don’t know why the date and time of my computer have been changed. But after changing it lower back to the proper one, I’m able to access facebook again. From this revel in, I would really like to inform you that if to procure the identical blunders like me, make sure you will check and confirm the date and time. It’ll assist you to restore your connection is not private even as journeying fb.

I’ve achieved a deeper search and discovered that there are some other reasons that might result in this error too. For instance: when you have hooked up a web safety software on your pc, it might blocks the SSL connection between your computer and facebook.Com. By that, Google Chrome will display you the “connection not non-public” mistakes and prevent you from accessing facebook.

In this situation, you have to additionally affirm your net protection application and ensure it’s not block any of your connection.

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