Top 7 Advantages Of Laptops Over The Desktops

Top 7 Advantages Of Laptops Over The Desktops


Laptops were invented to take computing experience to a different level altogether. These products are very compact and come with possibly all features you would want from your personal computer. To this day the use of laptops has grown very intensive with a lot of people all over the world. All the workplaces, institutions, hospitals, public places are incomplete without a laptop. Below are some merits that it has over the computers.

  • Portability:

The biggest advantage of using a laptop is of its size. The size is so manageable that you can easily carry it in one hand and take it where ever you go. Laptops have all the latest features available with a good screen to manage all things. All these come in a size which is much easy to carry to different places. The portability feature is one of the biggest merits that make laptop the ultimate machine to own.

  • Power:

As compared to tablets and mobiles they keep decreasing in power with size. But laptops come in sizes which is manageable and at the same time more powerful. Users have the freedom to enhance the performance of this device by increasing power as their will. They are meant for work and play. Al workplaces have them and are incomplete without this device. A lot of the places who were previously using computers have shifted to laptops because of the endless possibilities it provides.

  • Flexibility:

Flexibility is on reason of the rise in sales of laptops over the yeas. Imagine a device which can do all functions of a computer and at the same time be taken from one place to another in a single hand. Laptops have been in the market or a very long time and are still regarded as the most flexible device providing best gaming monitor all the computing possibilities. They have the ability to be connected to printers, additional moue, keypad, external hard drives and so many more things.

  • Battery life:

Laptops have been famous because of its capability of carrying it around without having to plug it for use. These advantages are provided by a battery which serves the purpose. Once charges normally most of the laptops can run for many hours together. The specifications, shape and size of the laptop determine the power the device is going to consume. An external source of changing is always advised when taking laptops out for best results.

  • Features:

Laptops come with early all the features that a computer would provide. The features are ever increasing day by day due to the developments in technology. One of the greatest features of laptops is its ability to sync with so many external devices like printers, hard drives, HDMI, internet and so many more things. Also to add there is capability of more performance with increased RAM and memory. The features are endless and keep increasing day by day. They come with built in speakers and also web cams which can hardly found in desktops. The era is of new possibilities and more changes just increase the chances of more development making it the ultimate device.

  • Price:

A product with so many possibilities seems a lot in price for every individual to own. This concept is now proved wrong as depending on the range of products every company have to offer there is something which would fit everyone’s pocket. They prices they come in are much nominal to the services they provide in the long run. Prices are also one of the biggest factors of these products to work out in the market for so long. Many new introductions were made to the way people compute through tablets and mobiles but till today laptops are preferred most widely to get a work done completely.

  • Types of users:

Laptops are built to be used by every individual. The individual can be anything a student, worker, teacher, etc. companies are now trying to personalize products by giving it a better identity matching performance to the type of users. For example corporate require something which is good in performance and just in looks where as teenage students would prefer something more flashy appealing their style. In the recent times fashion has been a lot in demand and laptops are now built to best compliment it. 

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