Video Conferencing: Pros and Cons

Technology experienced by us is a result of relentless study for years. It has become an important part of our lives with new innovations coming up every day. Since the internet was introduced, life has taken a totally different path. People no longer visit libraries because everything is spoon fed to them.

Internet has become an amazing place for communication. People can contact anyone no matter what is the distance between them.  Either it is through online chat or video conferencing, everyone is into this.

Video conferencing connects people leaving no possibility of miscommunication. In earlier times, people used to video conference using hardware devices but now it can be done on smartphones, tablets, laptops etc. It has become a way of saving money and also enhancing business productivity. All the world leaders prefer this over going and meeting them in person as it is cheap and saves time.

There are many pros and cons of video conferencing.


  1. It has increased productivity
  • Meetings have become shorter and more effective.
  • It saves a lot of time which can be used for other purposes.
  • It increases interaction within large groups making sharing of documents much easier.
  1. It saves travel time
  • With the increasing price of air industry, people have started looking for alternatives.
  • What can be better than video conferencing. It saves a lot of money and time
  • When businesses
  • People are also saving on hotels.
  • It is easier to bring the right team together at the minimal cost.
  1. Communication is improving
  • You can see the body language and facial expression of the other one and it leads to a quicker and a better communication. These 2 aspects are not covered in a basic call.
  • People can look at the prototype in HD quality sitting on their desk for which they were planning to pay for a time consuming trip.
  1. Having an advantage over your competitors
  • If you have a new product or just a prototype ad you want to launch it in the market them there is no better way than communicating through video calls and creating a tough competition for your competitors.
  • Communication through video reduces time and product can be launched faster and reach your targeted customers easily.
  • You can have a stronger bond with your customers if you solve their problems on a video call rather than on a voice call at a call center. Customers will have a good impression and will recommend your service to others also.
  • You can ensure a better product by making changes and ensuring quality at a minimal time as you will be saving the shipping cost.


  1. Face-to-face communication
  • We all know that nothing can be replaced with physical presence. Not even HD quality video conferencing
  • Today vendor can know the kind of service required by customer, customers can know about the reliability of salesman, executives can decide whether to hire an applicant and leaders can easily connect with their audience and check if their agenda has reached the mob.
  • But some organizations still consider meeting someone in person still superior to video conference.
  1. Quality systems are expensive
  • People believe that video conferencing tools are quite expensive but this no longer holds true.
  • In early days, organizations used to install all the hardware systems like lights, camera and other products.
  • But today high quality video conferencing is easy to access dropping the cost of all the other hardware required significantly.
  • These days’ broadband networks can connect people at a faster rate than before.
  • All this might cost a little to the organization but as compared to before it has reduced at a higher rate saving on bandwidth and making video conferencing in offices and houses easily accessible for everyone.
  • In fact, the camera might not be able to cover up the whole room and everyone might not be visible.
  1. Kinds of users
  • Some people can easily accept changes and for some it is very hard.
  • Today video conferencing is much easier and a total time saver but some people still believe that traditional methods were far better than this.
  • Some people might be in a different time zone and have to stay awake whole nigh for the conference call.

Video conferencing brings people together and helps this world communicate better with each other.

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