Which is better Hike Messanger or Whatsup

Nowadays, many instant messengers are available on smartphones, where millions and billions of users using the instant messenger from all over the world. Moreover, the people also succeeded in order to conquer the social site of Facebook on the daily use. You can use this Whatsup easily by just sign up. Now Hike become a better messenger than Whatsup due to that every user interest to use the Hike for sending the images as well as sharing. Today, there is no doubt that Whatsup is one of the best IM apps because it helps to cheat your friends on live chat, that’s why user didn’t switch the other platform. Moreover Today, many alternatives are available instead of whatsup. The Hike messenger is the only app to produce the enough guts in order to challenge the Smartphone app of Whatsup makers. Moreover, in the Hike, the telegram also well good, so whatsup alternative is available for iPhone user as well as Android user. Many people believe that Hike provides some struggle due to hard steel. So whatsup user doesn’t use the hike messenger instantly.

Difference Of Hike And Whatsup.


Some of the difference of Whatsup, and Hike messengers are given to you, to show which is best.

File Size:

Now, Hike comes with the latest version and so you can able to update on the system, also it allow the people to send the data and files up to 100 MB for each file. You can send upto maximum file of media to others, but through Whatsup the user can able to send only 16 MB, this is a major difference in between them. However, when file is large and huger than 16 MB, the app Whatsup offer the trimming option to the video this make it to possible for sending but it leads to degrades the quality of media and audio and much more.

Email Alternative:

Hike supports all types of media formats and documents which includes .ppt, .docx, doc as well as a pdf file, therefore the Hike is very good for email alternative. In Whatsup, the email also tolerates the attachment along with a maximum size of 25 MB while Hike tolerates the 100 MB for each and every attached file.

Money Making Apps:

If you use the Hike, then it used to get many and more rewards because it app is an offer for you only at a less price, when you need to install the hike message than you can pay cost Rs. 20 and get the successful referral. For new user in order to sign up, pay just 15. Due to less cost, everyone able to instal this money making app at affordable prices.


When you need to make the chat as more fun as well as colorful than send the stickers. In Hike, you can see different types of stickers with various styles. By sending the occasional as well as exciting stickers to friends, you make real happy. The another best thing of the Hike is you can update all stickers regularly for every month for updating you no need to pay any price. While in Whatsup there is no sticker available for you.

Free SMS:

Unlike Whatsup instant messengers, many Hike users get privileged by benefits because you can get the 100 sms for every month as free. From this user no need to waste the money to pay for SMS packs. Additionally, when user have a mobile data plan and others on the mobile phone, then people get additional bonus of 50 SMS for every day, this is real advantages. However hike-to-SMS is only sent within our country.

Voice Recorder:

In Hike, you can able to send the voice message easily. Moreover, you can also create the group for sending the message at once time. The Hike is Indian App, this offer lot and lot of features to the user. You can even send more than 10 photos at once time, not only that, also video to your friends, when you remain contact with your friends at all time, then install the Hike on your Smartphone and keep in touch always. 

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